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The directrice says...

The CEBP school was born in 2012 from the meeting of two cultures, French and Chinese, eager to learn from each other. Gradually, we became interested in our project to teach French immersion language and culture, Korea, Japan, Spain, Italy, Russia, Argentina and many other countries. The number of our students quadrupled between 2012 and 2018.

For them, we have taken care to build a team of qualified teachers who are anxious to best meet their needs, teaching written and spoken French, contributing with their skills and availability to help students access and understand the culture better. French for better integration in France.

Each member of the teaching team contributes to making CEBP a privileged place where competence and warm welcome coexist. We thank our teachers for their trust and commitment, and our students for their trust and loyalty.

Nathalie François

Directrice de l'établissement

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