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Preparation of DELF B2 / DALF C1

Many learners need to pass the DELF B2 or DALF C1 diploma to attest to their level of French and to be able to join a Francophone university or be more competitive on the job market. The school has therefore set up DELF B2 or DALF C1 preparation courses to better prepare students for this event.​

During these courses, the teacher will prepare the student for the four exam tests that are: written comprehension, oral comprehension, written production, oral production.


The teacher will provide methodological tools so that the pupil can acquire a speed of comprehension and analysis of written texts and sound documents, he will bring the necessary vocabulary to the improvement of the knowledge of the student, will treat various subjects and put the student in a situation so that he can successfully complete his exam.

​This course also requires the student a certain investment because these events are also prepared out of the classroom by reading newspapers for example or by watching reports.

The school has chosen the following methods: ABC DELF B2 and ABC DALF C2 because they cover all the tests of the exam by addressing recurring themes. Students will have to acquire this material. Of course, the teacher will complete these manuals to get closer to the reality of the exam.

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