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Reinforcement class

The reinforcement classes have been set up so that the student can better explore his skills and reuse them in a more playful setting. During classes reinforcement, the teacher takes care to approach the understanding, the production, the grammar, but a particular care will be brought to the oral comprehension and to the oral expression. 

The teacher will provide a variety of contemporary media such as videos, audio documents, songs, photos ... that will bring the student to reuse his knowledge. 

Reinforcement classes take place from 1:40 pm to 3:40 pm and have a total duration of 15 weeks (except for the course of phonetics which lasts 5 weeks). 


The reinforcement classes are as follows:

- Phonétique (this course can be accessed at all levels and lasts 5 weeks) 

- Reinforcement class of A1

- Reinforcement class of A2 

- Reinforcement class of B1

- Reinforcement class of French conversation (for the advanced)

- Preparation of DELF B2

- Preparation of DALF C1



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